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HSP Face Mask

The HSP Face Mask– developed by popular demand, this is not just a product, it's a mission– to protect, to keep our community safe and healthy, to keep our economy moving, and to keep America strong and resilient just like we always have, now just in a different way. 

In an effort to help fight the spread of COVID-19 and protect medical professionals, first responders, and the general public during this time of crisis, HSP is pivoting and adapting our business by dedicating a portion of our operations staff and manufacturing lines to support the fight against this pandemic. With every purchase of the HSP face mask, you're not only protecting yourself, you're protecting many others by preventing the spread of potential COVID-19 aerisol or droplets.  

The materials used to make the HSP M81 Fingerbang mask comes from a collaberateive limited edition run of custom printed bandanas from Finger Bang Firearms LLC. and HSP. Instead of releasing this bandana as planned at $25.00, we found it more practical to use for this purpose. Now we have hand cut them, re-sewn them with added materials and now sell them to you for only $15.     

We thank you for your support.

  • Must wash before initial use.

  • Laundry machine safe. Wash after each use.

  • Maximum of 3 masks per order.

  • Materials:

    Multicam - Nyco twill (nylon/cotton blend)
    M81 Fingerbang - 100% cotton

    Chocolate Chip - Nyco (nylon/cotton)

    DCU - Nyco (nylon/cotton)

    AF Tiger Stripe - Nyco (nylon/cotton)

    Black - Polycotton (polyester/cotton blend)

    Blue - Polycotton (polyester/cotton blend)

    Gray - Polycotton (polyester/cotton blend)

  • One size fits most (Adult).

  • Limited quantities and colors available.

  • Pattern, design, and print vary for each order.

  • All sales are final.