Haley Strategic

Multi-Mission Hanger Medical Insert


Hanger Medical Insert

Created specifically for the Haley Strategic V2 Multi-Mission Hanger, this pair of inserts organizes and securely holds everything from your individual trauma kit essentials.

The multiple loops and a large built-in pocket allow the pair of inserts to hold many different types of medical products that can be customized to fit your emergency needs.  For an example the inserts can hold up to the following items:

  • 4x Chest seals

  • 2x Decompression needles

  • 2x Pairs of gloves

  • 2x Quick clot

  • 2x Z-fold dressing

  • 2x Trauma cards

  • 1x Notepad

  • 1x Straight hemostatic clamp

  • 1x Curved hemostatic clamp 

  • 2x Nasopharyngeal airway

  • 2x 4” pressure dressing


  • Designed specifically to support the V2 Multi Mission Hanger for chest rigs and or plate carriers

  • Back panel hook design to fit any loop surface

  • 500D Nylon, MILSPEC elastic and webbing

  • Insert 1 has 6 elastic loops with varying sizes with two of the six outer folding loops to maximise efficiency in space when secure in the Hanger. This insert also has an administrative pocket for a field book or triage cards. 

  • Insert 2 has three larger elastic loops for larger medical accessories plus 4 small loops for Nasal, Decompression needle, chemlights, flashlights, or medical markers.

  • Designed and built in the U.S.A.


  • L 7. in. x W 4 in.

  • Weight: 2.4 ounces