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Disruptive Performance

The pinnacle of any training course is to provide the student with a platform to not only learn new concepts or ideas but to learn about themselves. In D7 Immersion is the spark that expedites the process. Over seven years and countless iterations have brought us to a place we never thought imaginable. D7 is here, and it features the technology of VirTra who is at the forefront of firearms simulator technology. The authenticity of the environments gives you an experience that bridges the gap between feel and real. The ability to create one of a kind realistic and surreal scenarios gives us the most in-depth look into human performance. With the blend of merging the best training with the latest technology, we can deliver to you the true meaning of Thinkers Before shooters.

Course Information

D7 will take place over 2-day courses and housed in the Haley Strategic headquarters. HSP will provide the weapons for the course, and you will only be required to bring range ready attire and note-taking materials. The class takes you over a brief review of the fundamentals from D5 and progresses into D3 lowlight curriculum and then arriving in our scenario training. You will be taken through interactive training exercises to improve your hand-eye coordination, biomechanics, and mental efficiency. The class size will be limited to 5 students allowing for the maximum student to instructor ratio. The D7 training program powered by VirTra is indeed one of a kind and at the forefront of the training for the future.

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“First of all, it isn't simple, and I'm not stupid.”

Travis Haley (on the K.I.S.S. method)