D3 - Disruptive Environments // Environmental Challenges



//Environmental Challenges

Nov 20-22 Phoenix, AZ

Kalashnikov Vehicle Darkness

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AK Vehicle Darkness is an advanced applications course focused on weapons manipulation and problem solving that integrates vehicles, target discrimination and movement in both daylight and darkness settings. Students will build on existing skills learned in D5 (or other foundation level) classes integrating light/illumination techniques, movement, communication and shooting into decisive actions. The course includes lecture, demonstrations, drills and multiple exercises where students will be challenged to seam together techniques that work for them into solutions that save lives.

  1. AK with optics and sling
  2. Pistol
  3. Ammunition 500-700 AK and 300 pistol per day (Class Progress dependent)
  4. 4 magazines minimum (AK and pistol)
  5. Belt, with magazine pouches or chest rig
  6. Hand held light
  7. Weapon mounted light for AK (pistol optional)
  8. Batteries
  9. Cleaning gear
  10. Eye and ear protection (electronic preferred)
  11. Gloves, knee pads (recommended)
  12. Note taking gear
  13. Hydration source
D3FT Combat Light
D3FT Combat Light
INCOG Rifle Bag Long
INCOG Rifle Bag Long
D3 Sling
D3 Sling
INCOG Rifle Bag Carbine
INCOG Rifle Bag Carbine
D3CRM Micro
D3CRM Micro
the requirements

Prior to you signing up for any Haley Strategic courses you must verify that you are legally and physically able to attend. Our courses require that our students are comfortable with shooting in close proximity to other students and maintain a fitness level capable of standing for long periods of time. Must be capable of movements that include: kneeling, prone, and maneuvering around obstacles. You will not recieve a refund if you attend a class and do not meet these requirements.

* Please fill out all guest information and read the requirements.