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//Environmental Challenges

Disruptive Environments

Our environments are constantly changing. For those few that choose to exist in Disruptive Environments, your decisions are based in life and death. Adaptation is about letting go of systems and rigid ideas and allowing the best version of you to perform. With our D3 courses, the stage is set for students to experience and learn in those challenging environments. From low light to shooting in and around vehicles D3 is a test and learning experience for those looking to train in an unforgiving environment.

Course Information

Handgun Vehicle Darkness is an advanced applications course focused on weapons manipulation and problem solving that integrates vehicles, target discrimination and movement in both daylight and darkness settings. Students will build on existing skills learned in D5 (or other foundation level) classes integrating light/illumination techniques, movement, communication and shooting into decisive actions. The course includes lecture, demonstrations, drills and multiple exercises where students will be challenged to seam together techniques that work for them into solutions that save lives. 

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Our environments are constantly changing.