D7 - Disruptive Performance // Performance Simulation



//Performance Simulation

Dec 14-15 Scottsdale, AZ


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Attention: To purchase ammo, course registration must be made at least 45 days in advance from the start date of the scheduled course.


Unlike our outdoor range’s programs, The Haley Strategic D7 program is a condensed 2 day sports performance course that features an in-depth look into you as a shooter and a look at how you perform under critical stress. With the power of Virtra’s state of the art training simulators and personalized instruction the student is primed to create new skills and concepts in a shorter amount of time. There will be drills and immersive scenarios to test fundamentals and push peak performance to the limit. The course is ONLY held at the Haley Strategic Headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ.

Topics covered in this 20 hours course include but not limited to:

  • Deliberate practice and proper nuero pathway development
  • Cognitive and conative learning strategies
  • Physiology of stress responses, adaptation using threat fire systems
  • Understanding of Biomechanics with a handgun using and motion capture
  • Ocular science and simulated visual drills and exercises
  • Nuero muscular timing through interactive metronome brain wave development
  • Judgmental use of force scenarios using Vritra’s mixed reality simulators
  1. Course gear and materials provided.
  2. Note taking gear
  3. Hydration source
D3FT Combat Light
D3FT Combat Light
Th1rte3n Sights (Black Rear/Tritium Front)
Th1rte3n Sights (Black Rear/Tritium Front)
Skimmer Trigger
Skimmer Trigger
Incog IWB Eclipse Holster GLOCK 19/23
Incog IWB Eclipse Holster GLOCK 19/23
Incog IWB Holster Glock 19/23
Incog IWB Holster Glock 19/23
the requirements

Prior to you signing up for any Haley Strategic courses you must verify that you are legally and physically able to attend. Our courses require that our students are comfortable with shooting in close proximity to other students and maintain a fitness level capable of standing for long periods of time. Must be capable of movements that include: kneeling, prone, and maneuvering around obstacles. You will not recieve a refund if you attend a class and do not meet these requirements.

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