Haley Strategic.
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Product Services.
Product Development. Inspiring. Building. Refining.
Inspiration and passion are the cornerstone of all great projects. With years of experience developing ideas from raw concepts to fielded products, the HSP team can bring value to the design process at any point from developing requirements to test and evaluation to execution. With a clear understanding of how products will improve ergonomics and performance, HSP to tests and documents both the successes and failures in a format both meaningful to the product team and reflective of the real-world application.
Disruptive Environments Chest Rig. Inforce WML-HSP.
Designed and optimized for work in urban, vehicle, rural and other confined settings, the D3CR™ (Disruptive Environments™ Chest Rig) was built to be worn as a stand alone system with a detachable H-harness or clipped into a armor platform equipped with a quick release system. The D3CR™ is a collaboration between HSP, Extreme Gear Labs and several Special Operations units working in Iraq/Afghanistan.
The INFORCE® WML HSP was specced by Haley Strategic Partners™ for tactical low light applications. Running a white light with an upgraded 200 lumens of penetrating light with a tight beam for close- to mid-range applications, the WML HSP also delivers a balanced peripheral light for discernment of the surrounding area.
Incog Holster. Trouble Shooter Ball Cap.
INCOG Holster.
A joint development project between Haley Strategic™ and G-Code, the INCOG™ holster is an adaptive IWB holster that utilizes a variety of new technologies to deliver an extremely comfortable and versatile holster than can be run as appendix, small of the back or on the hip.
Troubleshooter Ballcap.
Rather than produce a stock trucker hat or ball cap with branding, the HSP design team specced a hybrid running/ball cap that uses a sport mesh to vent in hot weather and/or under user exertion. Offered initially in the company color Disruptive Grey, it is now being offered in a Olive Drab and LE Black.
Adaptive Light Mounts. Skimmer Trigger for Glock Handguns.
Adaptive Light Mounts.
Partnering with Impact Weapons Components, the HSP team developed a carbine light mount specifically designed to compliment modern weapons manipulation techniques in low-light/no-light settings. Optimized for specific M4 configurations, the Thorntail and Dropwing mounts are the most ergonomic, lightest and lowest profile light mounts on the market today.
Skimmer Trigger for Glock Handguns.
Working with GlockTriggers.com, HSP specced a carry trigger with a pre-travel reduction modification to create a predictable wall of pressure delivering a crisp and clean break on every shot. The result, less room for human error and increased hit probability.
The Jack Carbine. Disruptive Industries.
The Jack Carbine.
HSP spent almost 2 years speccing The Jack, carefully selecting and refining components built by our industry partners to produce a ready-to-fight out-of-the-box carbine. Bringing together BCM, Geissele Automatics, ALG Defense, Inforce, Impact Weapons Components, B5 Systems and Joint Force Enterprises, The Jack Carbine is more than the sum of it's parts, it's the sum of it's partners.
Disruptive Industries.
Haley Strategic™ brings together our select partners for an annual training event with active/veteran Special Operations Forces from various branches of the military, Government and law enforcement. Weapons, Tactics & Equipment Industry executives, sales people, designers, marketing personnel and instructors work in teams with these professionals, learn from them and build relationships that pave the way for future communication and collaboration.