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Experiential Marketing. Experience. Engage. Sustain.
In today's on-demand culture, content is king. At HSP, we create content that is so compelling, customers seek it out versus the traditional model where a company has to buy eyeballs from another content provider in the hope that their audience won't change the channel during the commercial break. Today, we talk directly to the end users through social media like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and Tumblr. We create narratives woven through photography and film that create the same bonds between an audience and company as a on-screen character. We call it, Experiential Marketing.
Watch American Gunfighter on YouTube. Watch The Jack Carbine Video on YouTube.
American Gunfighter.
Produced by BCM and Haley Strategic™, American Gunfighter is an ongoing series of one-on-one short films, each centered around a different instructor in the BCMGunfighter™ Program.
The Jack Carbine.
Highlighting the entire spectrum of companies involved in this BCM exclusive, The Jack Carbine short talks through the features and thinking behind The Jack and bookends the feature with demos from our D3 Program.
Watch the BCM Gunfighter Line Video on YouTube. Watch The Original BCM Reboot Video on YouTube.
BCM Gunfighter Line.
An overview of the BCMGunfighter™ AR Accessory Line presented in the context of the history of the AR15, narrated by Pat Rogers and Travis Haley.
BCM Reboot.
The Bravo Company Manufacturing brand reboot video. Our work on this piece served as the guiding vision for the website and other marketing materials we went on to produce for BCM between 2011 and today.
Case Study - BCM.