Haley Strategic.
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Product Services.
Experiential Marketing. Experience. Engage. Sustain.
Brands are not built by advertising. They are built by creating an awareness of the hard work of bold people. The Internet is the most undiluted channel to customers and Haley Strategic brings to bear creative that will forever change the way people bond with a brand. Once your brand has been cemented as the go-to provider for its wares, that brand must remain connected with its end users. Our team will craft pieces that are engaging and honest, then identify meaningful venues to deploy them.
Design and Creative. Film and Photography.
Design and Creative.
Finding your story and telling it. The creative unit expresses your story through narrative and art; across film, video, websites and print. Bringing together our expertise in production with our expertise in tactical, HSP delivers unique production quality pieces that blend action and information in a compact and compelling package.
Film and Photography.
Producing world class creative pieces in settings ranging from New York to Morocco, Haley Strategic has produced a variety of photo essays and film pieces, each with their own story and look, taking viewers to down the rabbit hole into another world. Drawing our stories from real people and then casting them in the shoots, our work feels real because it often is.
Social Networks. Disruptive Industries.
Social Networks.
Using social media to identify high traffic destinations that your customers already frequent and trust, HSP leverages our network to run campaigns that unite multiple complimentary partners in singular high quality pieces. The result, work that reaches beyond the trappings of a single industry and engages customers with a variety of backgrounds and interests.
Disruptive Industries.
Haley Strategic brings together our select partners for an annual training event with active/veteran Special Operations Forces from various branches of the military, Government and law enforcement. Weapons, Tactics & Equipment Industry executives, sales people, designers, marketing personnel and instructors work in teams with these professionals, learn from them and build relationships that pave the way for future communication and collaboration.
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