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Disruptive Environments.

The Applicarion of Critical Thinking. Disruptive Environments.
Intense, challenging and realistic training focusing on the application of fundamentals in real-world situations where the most taxing repetitions on a flat range seem like an easy day. Familiar settings can become a confusing worst case scenario in seconds, with just a push. Darkness or daylight, desert or woodland, urban or rural, the moment will choose you.
Flexible and Creative. The Emergent Gunfighter.
Problem solving is more than drawing from holster and engaging, it is breaking out of tunnel vision and being aware of the environment. Seeing more than just a target, but your own foreground and background, as well as the threat. Are there opportunities in the space that will provide concealment, cover and save lives? "The nearest exit may be behind you."
Agile and Dynamic. Shooting Starts in the Mind.
Weapons manipulation is only one part of a gunfight. Being aware of the world as a 360 degree space drives problem solving on the move in 3 dimensions. Understanding how your body works when confronted with a life threatening situation creates an opporunity to take control and to make choices versus carrying out mechanical responses learned on a flat range.
Initiative and Surprise. The Spirit of Improvisation.
Each Disruptive Environments class is unique to the setting we teach in and the students who attend(specialized military/law enforcement only packages are available). Incorporating vehicle operations, CQB, problem solving and navigation in both daylight and darkness, tracking, survival, human interaction and more, Disruptive Environments is a program for students who have a firm grasp of fundamentals and are ready for the next level of development.